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Antique Jewelry- my other passion

When I was very young, my grandfather started teaching me about opera and my grandmother started teaching me about jewelry! For me, these two art forms are closely entwined and both art forms enhance and adorn my life. After years of research with a focus on old cut diamonds and pieces from the Edwardian and Art Deco periods. I’ve finally summoned the courage to embark on my dream side project: sourcing, rescuing, and rehoming antique and vintage pieces so they can continue to be loved and enjoyed for generations to come. When I think of my favorite pieces, I think of the eras in which they were created and worn for the first time, and the operas that were written during that time period! I love to think of the moments in history that they have witnessed and many people before me who have marveled at their beauty. I hope you will enjoy shopping my collection as much as I have enjoyed curating it!

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